PHOTO: Alicia Davis

One of the Maasai members of my research team for our zoonoses research in Tanzania, Matayo invited me to his house while he was on paternity leave to meet the new addition. It was just before the Tanzanian elections in October 2015 and his mom, who is a poor reader of even Swahili, had this amazing bracelet on. She had seen and heard advertisements to vote in the election and got help from her kids to spell out vote, which she then made into a bracelet. Mama Matayo had recently joined a women’s group who were very engaged in local political issues, including fighting for land rights. So, the bracelet stood out, for many reasons.

Flower Girl at Tanzanian Wedding

PHOTO: Laura Meek

This photo was taken Oct 3, 2015 at a wedding in Iringa, Tanzania. This little girl, Karen, is the niece of the groom, and is not that happy about all the commotion! Karen is also the grand-daughter of the Shoos, with whom I lived for over two years during my fieldwork in Tanzania. She has a very serious heart condition and her medical treatments became an important component of my fieldwork research. She must take pharmaceuticals every day and the family often debates the efficacy of this, due to serious side-effects, the high potential that the drugs could be counterfeits, and what some view as the better outcomes of traditional healing.

The Transfer

The Transfer

PHOTO: Amy Robbins

THE STUDIO AT THE CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS, CORNING, NT. November 2016 Fredrik Nielsen, a Stockholm-based Artist-in-Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass, prepares to transfer the body of one of his pieces from pipe to punty. Assistant Yashu Reddy is steady on the punty, ready to take the piece, while assistant Paisley Watson attentively “turns pole” (the pipe). Andrea, a timid beginner, furtively peers in on the action from behind. Reflecting on why he works in glass, Nielsen offered “I can just express my feelings through it. It’s like a flow… I feel like I am on the same level, connecting to glass. It doesn’t mean that I have to make something that’s really artistic or even art. It’s just that I like the material, because I feel I’m on the same level. I have the same intensity. It suits my body, it suits my temper.”