Anthropology Day 2017


Each year hundreds of anthropology students, professors, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate their love of the discipline on Anthropology Day. Started in 2015 as a way to encourage anthropologists to share and celebrate the discipline with the world around them, Anthropology Day has grown into an anthropological celebration with a global reach. In 2017 registrants joined us from more than a dozen countries including Belize, Guatemala, Lebanon, Kenya, India, and Turkey. Posts on social media reached millions of users across six continents.

Anthropology Day allows each participating group to celebrate the day in the way they choose, making the activities as diverse as the field. Each year groups plan activities ranging from department open houses to trivia nights to workshops in K–12 classrooms.

In 2017, AAA staff joined in and partnered with Archaeology in the Community (AITC) to visit schools in Washington, DC. AAA staffers, along with volunteers from AITC, National Geographic, the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists, George Washington University, Georgetown University, and the Society for American Archaeology made seven presentations about anthropology to more than 200 elementary and middle school students.

More than 180 campus anthropology groups, departments of anthropology, museums, high schools, and other organizations planned Anthropology Day events. Members of the Anthropological Society of the Los Angeles Valley College celebrated their third Anthropology Day with a “diversity wall,” which asked members of their community to share representations of their various cultures. Randolph-Macon College held a screening of The Anthropologist, featuring a Skype session with one of the film’s creators. Dozens of colleges hosted film screenings, held special community lectures, or organized games. You can find a complete list of activity suggestions on the AAA website at

Join in the fun and register your group using the registration form at and be sure to share photos from your events on social media using #AnthroDay.

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AAA staff teamed up with representatives from Archaeology in the Community, the Society for American Archaeology, National Geographic, George Washington University, and the National Museum of Natural History to visit local schools and conduct virtual presentations to a total of 355 elementary/middle school students.